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Area 11 // Arctic Ski Expedition

Our Intrepid Journey, E1 | Released Aug. 18 2020

In 2019, I led an expedition with my brother, Thor, and pro photographer, Erin Hogue, to explore, ski and survive at one of the Northernmost mountain ranges of the World - a place our polar mentor, Douglas Stoup, referred to as 'Valhalla'. After an 11-hour snowmobile trek across 140 miles of navigating glaciers, crevasse fields, and -40° Arctic wind, we found our basecamp for the 2 weeks. It was now time to put years of Doug's mentorship around expedition leadership and management to the test. This entire Arctic expedition was also carbon-neutral due to a partnership with the World Tree Eco-Tree Program. Together, we planted 1 acre of Empress Trees - a non-invasive, non-GMO naturally occurring tree that regrows after harvest without replanting, and is the fastest-growing hardwood tree in the World. Directed by Stein Retzlaff Co-Executive Producers: Stein & Thor Retzlaff Director of Photography: Thor Retzlaff Associate Producers: Erin Hogue & Brandon Dax Edited by Stein Retzlaff Music: "The North" by Dreamers Delight