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January 7, 2021

Mocha smoothie bowl

2 fl oz. unsweetened almond milk (or use milk of your choice) 1 medium-sized frozen banana

? cup chocolate flavor whey or rice protein powder 4 ice cubes

2 tsps. instant coffee dissolved in 1 Tbsp. boiled water (use decaffeinated if preferred) 2 Tbsps. Greek yogurt (use dairy free if preferred)

for the topping:

a sprinkle of cacao nibs a sprinkle of chia seeds

a sprinkle of finely chopped walnuts

a sprinkle of dark chocolate, finely grated

Serves 1

Per serving: 295 calories 7g fat

26g carbs 32g protein

Place the smoothie bowl ingredients in a blender jug and blend well until smooth and creamy.

If the mixture is too runny, add more ice cubes. Transfer to a bowl.

Add the toppings and serve.

Consume immediately.