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Neural Charged Warm-Up

WARM-UPS, Ep 1 | Released Nov. 28 2020

It is set up as a 4 station circuit with explosive exercises. 2 for the upper and 2 for the lower body, alternating between them. The point is to use a rep range that allows you to be as explosive as possible, so aim between 3 and 5.

The whole workout should not last any longer than 20 minutes, and the rounds can range from 4 to 8 depending on when you fatigue. The focus is not cardio-based, but performance enhancing. So all reps should be explosive and you should feel good doing them.

Avoid a racing heart and you should not get out of breath. Rest between rounds until you feel good to go again, and make sure to keep moving in between. Whenever you feel your performance is dropping, you drop the reps in that exercise. Drop the exercise in total when you feel you have nothing more to gain from it. You do this until all exercises are gone from the circuit or you hit the 20 minute mark.