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Understanding Value with Kojo Mienza

EARLY | Released Jul. 22 2021

Bruke and Mek talk about the NBA Conference finals, Britney Spears’ conservatorship, and the life and apparent suicide of John McAfee. They also have special guest Kojo who’s involved in multiple projects, from James Bond-like cybersecurity and CBD oil products to international trading and buying precious metals...and he’s even brought along some props to demonstrate. Then he goes deep into extrinsic vs intrinsic value, the fragility of our dollar currency, and why we need to take the reins on educating ourselves about finances.


- developments in the Eastern and Western Conference finals

- special guest introduction Kojo talks about all he does to earn money

- the key to how Kojo juggles everything he’s involved in

- having a clear vision and being deliberate about everything you do

- conservatorship and the free Britney Spears movement

- the death (and life) of controversial anti-virus software magnate John McAfee

- Kojo discusses how the concept of value shapes what we purchase

- developing new values and unlearning old values others have taught you

- buying silver and gold and our fiat currency credit-based system

- permissible and impermissible money underlying the Islamic economic system

- what Kojo thinks about the value of art NFTs

- why you want to read a company’s 10k annual report before you buy its stock

- the many health benefits of using CBD oil