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Growing Older

EARLY | Released Jul. 22 2021

The hosts get philosophical with talk of aging, parenting, and the self-developmental epiphanies Mek has had in recent weeks. Then they discuss the weirdness of this year’s NBA Finals (and the entire season, really), give their predictions, and debate Giannis Antetokounmpo’s status as a two-time MVP.


- contemplating familiarity and getting older as Mek’s dad celebrates a birthday

- parents as role models in a child’s eyes (in both good and bad ways)

- how Mek’s thinking has changed over the last couple of weeks

- why this game called life has two main players in it for every person

- the fine line between planning ahead and over-thinking

- where a lot of people’s unhappiness comes from

- the difference between having a focus vs. fixed mindset

- sports betting on the NBA Finals being a thing that happens

- why this basketball season feels like it has an asterisk attached

- why Bruke finds Giannis Antetokounmpo’s record in game 2 (and MVP status) unimpressive

- running down the list of MVPs in the NBA and if Giannis makes the cut

- the media championing and milking this as CP3’s time