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Podcasts Are Intellectual Property

EARLY | Released Jul. 22 2021

Mek and Bruke talk about the NBA Finals, players, crazy referee calls, and instant replay. Then they get into the nostalgia trip that is Tyler, the Creator’s newest album featuring mixtape king DJ Drama, before diving into a discussion about the world of podcasting.


- the latest in the NBA Finals

- how Bruke feels about Giannis now after the slander last week

- why Mek hates the free-throw criticism thrown Giannis’s way

- Khris Middleton stepping it up for Milwaukee

- how questionable ref calls and instant replay effects games

- hearing Tyler, the Creator’s new album with DJ Drama for the first time

- interest in Tyler’s album from old and new fans

- the weirdness that is Tyler, the Creator and his brand

- other recent projects like Pop Smoke’s posthumous album Faith

- big news in podcasting and what it means for podcasters

- the storytelling world within the podcasting space

- intertwining podcasts and music into the NFT world in new ways

- big-name podcasters signing on to some crazy deals

- the evolution of Shaquille O’Neal after the end of his NBA career

- questioning the legality of paying people to come onto podcasts