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#ShareYourStory: Forgive Yourself

Dr. Brandi Guest Features | Released Jul. 11 2022

We are so quick to forgive others yet have such difficulty showing the same kindness to ourselves.

We'll beat ourselves for things we did, things we didn't do, and will let it linger and paralyze for years.

We're never really taught how to have those conversations with us & how to 'let it go', are we?

My dear friend & badass beautiful human, Dr. Brandi, is talking to us about that - the courage & the conversations to forgive yourself first.

In this conversation you’ll hear Dr. Brandi share with us:

How to really use these & own these learning moments of your lifeGranting yourself permission to forgive yourself (newsflash: you’re human) And how to forgive yourself because when you can do that, the whole game changes